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Welcome to the REACH Laboratory


The REACH Lab at Indiana University* is a public health/behavioral medicine lab that studies the intersection between emotions, neurocognition, chronic disease, and public health. We study how emotions and cognitive function contribute to the development of poor health and chronic diseases in larger socioeconomic contexts. We also study how these diseases and poor health impact people's emotions and cognition. Intervening on these factors is also a major focus of this lab.


As you might guess, our work involves a lot of different disciplines, such as Public Health, Psychology, Medicine, Neuropsychology, Biology, Biostatistics, Kinesiology, and Nutrition to mention a few. We also recognize that societal factors (e.g., toxic food environments) and genetic factors (e.g., family predispositions) also impact health.


In addition to an active research agenda, the REACH lab is dedicated to quality training of students interested in biopsychosocial models of public health. Dr. Hawkins works hard to match her students with research projects that will help them achieve their career goals, whether those include clinical psychology, medical school, public health, or more. If you are interested in joining the REACH Lab, please see the Prospective Students page.

*REACH Lab relocated from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater in fall 2022.

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