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Prospective Graduate Students 

Ideal candidates for the REACH lab will be interested in behavioral medicine (i.e., health psychology or mind-body) and public health research. Research is highly valued so Dr. Hawkins works with students early on to generate research presentations and publications. If you are interested in joining the REACH lab, email Dr. Hawkins directly at or feel free to email one of the IU graduate students! 

More information about the graduate program in the Indiana University Department of Health & Wellness Design can be found by clicking here.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities - Accepting Students for Fall 2023

Undergraduate students interested in pursuing research with the REACH Lab may apply for a research assistant (RA) position. Credit opportunities are available. REACH RAs gain valuable experience in adult behavior change/public health research that may include but are not limited to:

  • Recruiting and running participants through laboratory experiments or clinical studies

  • Conducting literature searches and research summaries

  • Data entry and database development and management

  • Research presentations and publications (for highly research-motivated students)


These experiences can enhance applications for graduate school or jobs in a variety of fields. For example, students working with Dr. Hawkins have gone on to pursue graduate training in clinical psychology, public health, sociology, physical therapy, and counseling. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.4. Students who can commit to the lab for a full year will be given preference. Your application cannot be considered until you know your schedule for the semester for which you are applying. Once you know your schedule, complete this application and email it to

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