Neurotrophic Indicators of Cognition, Executive Skills, Plasticity, and Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

This weight loss treatment program will begin recruitment in Fall 2019. Please click here for a link to our online screener! 

The COSMOS Project

COgnitive and Self-regulatory Mechanisms of Obesity Study

This project examined the impact of two different weight loss interventions on novel mechanisms that promote obesity and impede its successful treatment, including cognitive function and self-regulatory factors.

The POWER-UP Project

Pilot Of WEight Reduction in Under-served Populations

A collaboration with Cherokee Nation, this project examined the efficacy of a potentially high impact acceptance-based behavioral weight loss intervention among American Indians/Native Americans. 

The BOOBS Project

Breastfeeding Opinions, Outcomes, Behaviors, and Services Project

The purpose of this project is to learn more about moms’ breastfeeding experiences so we can help reduce breastfeeding difficulties, especially for moms struggling with weight issues.


Data collection for our last survey is complete, and we are analyzing data. Stay tuned for our exciting results, and don't hesitate to contact our team with any questions about the BOOBS project.

The Sugar on the Brain Project

Glucose & Decision Making

This project examines how glucose levels impact financial and judicial decisions as well as cognitive functioning. It is a follow-up to the study that led to the article featured in Psychology Today, called "Sugar on the Brain."

Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine Projects

Depression & Cardiovascular Function

The current laboratory-based project examines whether cognitive function moderates the link between greater depressive symptoms and reduced heart rate variability.

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