• BOOBS (which stands for Breastfeeding Opinions, Outcomes, Behaviors, and Services) is an ongoing research effort to better understand the breastfeeding experiences of moms around the nation.


  • This research survey is being conducted at at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater by Dr. Misty Hawkins, a fellow mom and researcher passionate about learning more about moms who breastfeed, who try to breastfeed, or who do not breastfeed their children. 


  • Importantly, there is no judgment here, no matter your feeding experiences. Parenting is hard enough without all the stress, guilt, and pain surrounding some mother's feeding experiences.  


  • We want to learn more about your experiences so that we can provide optimal support to all moms and their little ones. 

The BOOBS Project

because feeding your baby should be a beautiful, guilt-free process.

Beautiful and Proud Breastfeeding Mamas of Stillwater, OK

Image courtesy of Katie Lew Photography. Click here for a link to her blog.